Benefits of Using Instagram Reels for Business Growth

Benefits of Using Instagram Reels for Business Growth

The popularity of Instagram can’t ever be overstated and it's primarily thanks to how interactive and engaging their features are. In this article, we will be discussing one of its newer and very popular features; Instagram Reels. Reels while being relatively new has really made the platform even more valuable for businesses.

We will go over the various benefits of using Instagram reels for business growth. Because of how flexible and capable Reels are, there are various benefits businesses can enjoy. In 2024, Instagram reels will become one of the platform's key features, allowing businesses to reach out further than ever.

What Are Instagram Reels?

The Instagram reel is a feature that was added to the social media platform Instagram back in August 2020. It was added as a way for users to upload short video clips directly from the app.

Over the years the feature has gotten updates. Currently, you can upload up to 90-second-long videos, but if you upload them from your media or a scheduling app, they can be 3 seconds to 15 minutes long.

The best resolution for Instagram reels is 1080 pixels x 1920, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. You can include effects and music to your Reel or use your original audio.

The feature primarily allows Instagram users to showcase their creativity through short-form videos. Anything from talents, hobbies, or daily moments can be shared quickly and entertainingly.

Reels Stats:

  • Average engagement rate: 2.7%, peaking at 3.81% for accounts with fewer than 5,000 followers.
  • Interactions: Reels have 22.6% higher interaction rates than regular Instagram videos.
  • Reach: Reels have the highest estimated reach (33.8%) among all Instagram content types.
  • Time spent on Instagram: Reels account for 30% of the time users spend on Instagram.
  • Usage: Instagram users watch 17.6 million hours of reels per day.
  • Year-over-year growth: Instagram reel usage increased by 57.4% in 2023.
  • Resharing: Reels are reshared 1 billion times daily through direct messages (DMs).

7 Key Benefits of Using Instagram Reels for Business Growth

Instagram reels have more uses than just sharing funny moments you create. There are many benefits to using Instagram reels for business growth if you use it properly.

New Ways To Reach Your Audience

One of the seven key benefits of using Instagram reels for business growth is that it allows brands to connect with their target audience. Thanks to the new format of video creation and short length, businesses can reach target audiences more easily through their feeds. Reels also open up new groups of audiences because brands can reach a wider range of people. This can be a great way to expand businesses' reach.

Unlock Room for Content Modification

Instagram reels are relatively new; thus, it has more flexibility than other Instagram videos and posts. Therefore, businesses can experiment more easily with different content creation and storytelling styles. They can showcase some BTS moments, product demonstrations, skits, and so much more. Reels have been called very versatile when it comes to content modification and creation. The flexibility will allow businesses to be more easily able to meet their target audience's preferences and interests.

Boost Follower Engagement Rates

Another one of the benefits of using Instagram reels for business growth is that it can easily boost follower engagement rates. Thanks to these short-form video interactions, users are more likely to comment, like, and share them. These activities increase the engagement metrics. The more reels a business might post the stronger the connection they can create with themselves and their target audience.

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Improve Brand Awareness

Instagram reels are a powerful tool that enhances a business's brand awareness. reels can be very captivating and shareable. This can help a business increase how visible its product or service is to its potential customers. The greater the chance you can create of reels showing up on the Explore page, the more easily you will boost your brand's presence. Do it right and you can give your business a strong competitive edge.

Easier Product Promotion Capabilities

Reels being a platform for promoting their products or services is another one of the benefits of using Instagram reels for business growth. Through reels, you can show off new arrivals and features or even promote discounts and offers. Instagram reels have recently become a great format for product promotions. Businesses are using its storytelling and visual capabilities to attract more viewers and clients. The more interesting their promotion reels are the more they can boost their sales and conversions.

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Multipurpose Content Creation

One of the significant benefits of using Instagram reels for business growth is its multipurpose nature. Reels have similar dimensions and ratios to other platform's short-form videos therefore they can be reused easily to. Regardless of what kind of video you might create you can use them again in another platform without needing to edit it too much. This reusability factor greatly helps businesses maximize their impact and reach.

Additional Analytics for Brands and Businesses

Instagram provides its users with various analytics to track the performance of their posts and reels. Businesses can understand their strengths and weaknesses by tracking metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares of their reels and posts. These metrics provide insights such as audience demographics and engagement trends which can help businesses refine their content and marketing plans.

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Instagram reels might have been created with the idea that users would share their creativity but businesses have found other uses for it. In fact the benefits of using Instagram reels for business growth are so great that more and more businesses are turning to it. To boost your business with Instagram reels find Instagram SMM panel service with Growfollows.

From helping businesses reach a wider target audience to creating new and interactive content Instagram reels have many benefits. The more creatively businesses use reels the more easily they can boost their sales and conversion. Also, these reels are very versatile so businesses can use these videos on other platforms so one video can be used multiple times.

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