How Much Does Instagram Pay for 1k Followers?

How Much Does Instagram Pay for 1k Followers?

In terms of social media platforms Instagram can be ranked third, while others say fourth, in the world. As of December 2023, Instagram has over 2 billion monthly users, most youths between 18 and 34.

According to TrendHero, there are 64 million active influencer accounts with 91% being nano, 8% being micro, 0.83% being macro, and 0.05% being celebrities. In this article, we will be looking at the nano influencers who don’t have massive numbers of followers. We will discuss how they make money, how much they make, and how you might make that much. 

We will start small and learn how much Instagram pays for 1k followers. The standard according to Instagram is $10 but that’s false. Keep on reading to learn the truth of the situation in 2024.

How Much Does Instagram Pay for 1k Followers?

As we said, Instagram stated that they would pay 10 dollars for 1k followers but that’s not how much they pay. Many ranges are being thrown around in Google, but here is the most accurate estimate as of the end of 2023. 

We don’t know exactly how many 1k followers on Instagram will get you. However, HyperAuditor says influencers with 1,000 and 10,000 followers earn around $1,420/month. But to be more accurate we believe it's between $901 and $1,420 per month

How Much Does Instagram Pay? By Follower Count

Here is a basic representation we drew up to give you an idea of how much Instagram pay based on follower count. 

Follower Count

Estimated Earning (Per Post)

1,000 - 10,000

$10 - $100

10,000 - 50,000

$100 - $500

50,000 - 500,000

$500 - $5,000

500,000 - 1 million

$5,000 - $10,000

1 million+

$10,000 - $1 million+

How Do You Earn Money From Instagram?

If you are someone who thinks that Instagram pays based on followers and likes, then you are mistaken. You won’t be getting paid from Instagram based on how many followers you have. Instead, you will get paid based on the sponsorship deals and promotion programs you negotiate or are part of. 

Of course, there are benefits of having 1k or more followers but that number won’t pay the bills. Instead, it will help you negotiate your pay. So let’s find out how much Instagram pays for 1k followers.

Factors Affecting How Much Instagram Pay You

How much Instagram pays for 1k followers is subject to change a lot based on several factors. While some factors are very specific to certain people, locations, and conditions, others are more generic. Here are five generic factors that can affect how much Instagram pays you:


Even though we said your follower count doesn’t change how much you get paid it does. If you are confused, don’t worry, you're not the only one. What we meant was your follower count doesn’t directly impact your payment. But generally speaking, the more followers you have, the more potential you have of getting paid more. 

Engagement Rate

This factor slightly impacts how much Instagram pays you. Engagement rate comprises the likes, comments, and shares your followers give you. The higher the rate is, the more engaged your followers are. Instagram looks at your rate and if it's high you will get paid more. Even influences with a small number of followers can earn money if their engagement rate is high.


Niche is a major factor when it comes to how much Instagram pays. According to HyperAuditor, the most profitable categories are animals, business & marketing, fitness & sports, family, beauty, and fashion respectively. The biggest influencers work in multiple categories to boost their monthly earnings. Keep this in mind!


You have already read this, but instead of your follower count, your Instagram earnings come from sponsorship deals and promotion programs. So, the contract you sign will heavily determine how much your monthly earnings will be. Remember, your follower count and engagement rate will help you negotiate how much you will be paid. Therefore, don’t be afraid to negotiate and be aggressive when you can.

Content Quality

Unsurprisingly, your content quality will impact how much Instagram pays you. According to some sources, 64.9% of content on Instagram is photo-based, while 17.8% is video-based. Regardless of the content you specialize in, it would help if you made it attractive to your target audience. To increase your follower count and engagement, post engaging content people will want to see and watch.

How Can You Increase Your Instagram Earnings?

You know how much Instagram pay for 1k followers and here are some ways influencers manage to boost their earnings. 

Sponsored Posts

Influencers with 1k or more loyal followers create content that’s sponsored by brands. This is one of the most popular ways influencers boost their earnings. Brands pay for sponsored posts because it helps them reach a wider audience base and promote their brand. Supposedly influencers can earn as much as $3,000 through sponsored posts.

Content Monetization

Content monetization involves finding ways to make money directly from your content on Instagram. This can include offering your followers exclusive content or behind-the-scenes access through subscription services. You can monetize content by selling digital products such as e-books, presets, or online courses as well.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow you to earn a commission by promoting other products or services. When your followers purchase something using your unique affiliate link or code, you'll receive a percentage of the sale. Affiliate marketing is a profitable way to earn passive income on Instagram, especially if you have a loyal and engaged audience.

Live Badges

Live badges are a feature on Instagram that allows your followers to purchase badges during your live streams to show their support. When followers purchase badges, you'll earn a share of the revenue. Live badges are a great way to monetize your live content and engage with your audience in real-time while earning money.

Sell Merch

If you have a strong personal brand and a dedicated following, selling merchandise can be profitable. You can create and sell merch based on your brand such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, or phone cases featuring your logo or designs. Selling merch generates income and helps strengthen your brand identity and deepen your connection with your audience.


Hopefully, we have properly answered the question of how much Instagram pays for 1k followers. While Instagram might say they pay $10 for 1k followers, the truth is that it can be as high as $1,420 per month.

Also, follower count doesn't directly impact how much you get paid it just influences it (pun intended). There are other major factors like the contract you signed and how high your engagement rate is. By combining all these factors you can get a good understanding of how much your monthly earring will be from Instagram. 

If you want to increase your earnings, follow one or more of our suggestions. Using these suggestions, you can easily boost your monthly earnings from Instagram.